Bottle Warmers Timer Included

Bottle Warmers Timer Included

Bottle warmers with timer feature included will be a more lucrative option for parents who are planning to buy bottle warmer. Timer is not included in all the warmers; you have to make a smart decision and see whether your model has the timer before buying one. Timer is though not an explicit necessity, it surely helps. ‘Philips AVENT iQ Bottle Warmer’ is one good product inclusive of a timer; this warmer is reviewed below

Salient Features

The highlight of the warmer is that it is incorporated with iQ technology and gives a whole new dimension for the warmer. It is designed in such a way that it reduces all your tensions right from deciding the time; it automatically decides on the cycle time required to the quantity of liquid or food in the jar. You don’t even need to keep an eye on the process; the warmer keeps you updated throughout the warming cycle through the digital display and audible alerts; the unit also shuts off automatically; you just need to select from the varied options offered by the iQ technology.

This Avent iQ warmer warms not just milk or food at room temperature but also frozen and chilled food with just a 2 button operation. The record time of this warmer is quick at around 2 minutes. Avent iQ Bottle warmers timer comes in very useful for you by not only keeping track of the time but also eliminates all the hassles and works automatically.

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