Electric Bottle Warmers That Wrap Around Bottle

Electric Bottle Warmers That Wrap Around Bottle

Munchkin Deluxe Auto Bottle Warmer is an electric bottle warmer that wraps around bottle and warms food, formula or milk.


This bottle warmer from Munchkin flaunts automatic switch off as soon as you remove the jar of food or bottle of liquid; so it is named as auto bottle warmer. Further, it wraps around the bottles for warming with the 360 degrees heating bands that tightly secure the bottle. Further, the insulated bag aids you in keeping the bottle warm even after heating without letting the heat to escape.  Moreover, it comes in many vibrant and ambient colors from which you can select.


  • Compact and intelligent design makes it easier to carry it around; along with that, the construction enables you to plug the cord to car adapter outlets and hence you can use it in cars also. Further, it can even be attached to strollers and diaper bags, meaning less hassle for you to handle.
  • Time saving, warms up the food and liquid in matter of minutes.
  • Made of robust quality material that is easily cleanable.

All in all, this electric bottle warmer that wraps around bottle is a more reliable option to maintain the warmth. Hence, it can be used daily at home or for short 1-day trips etc.

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